Saving Money on a Night Out

Jan 21, 2017

Heading out for drinks with friends? There are a number of budget friendly ways that you can still have fun. Staying at the Kings Inn can save you money. Here are some other ways that you can save money on a night out.

Pre-gaming is an excellent way to save some money. Buying alcohol from a grocery store or liquor store is a lot cheaper than purchasing drinks once you are at the bar. This technique is especially helpful if it takes you a couple of drinks before you start to feel the effects. This way, when you pre-game, you only have to buy one or two drinks instead of many more. This will always save you money since purchasing drinks is always more expensive at bars than when you buy from a liquor store.

Unlike some cities, San Diego has a pretty great Happy Hour scene. Whether you want to just grab some drinks with friends or you want to snack on some food as well, happy hour is where it’s at. In San Diego, you’re sure to find excellent Mexican restaurants with happy hour specials that feature margaritas, beer, tacos, nachos and more. If you’re not looking for tacos, there are also other bars and pubs that feature happy hours as well. The next time you want to go out for a drink, check out the happy hour specials that are out there before heading out.

Even if you decide to go out for the night, there are different venues to choose from. Try to decide on a bar that doesn’t have a cover fee. It’s likely that you’re already going to spending money on drinks so why pay even more through a cover fee? There are plenty of bars that don’t have one. In the event that you do set your sights on a venue that has a fee, it’s often the case that if you go early, there won’t be a cover fee. These fees usually creep up later in the night so head out early to avoid the costs.

Saving Money on a Night Out
To save money on a night out try these tips: pre-game to save money on drinks, go to happy hour, and avoid a cover fee.
San Diego, CA